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The InTech® includes sensors for O2 and CO, with an option for an external NOx filter. The CO sensor can be replaced in the field without down time using pre-calibrated sensors. The InTech® calculates values like efficiency, CO2 and CO air-free to help monitor combustion processes effectively and accurately.

  • All-in-one instrument makes combustion tuning fast and simple with readings for O2, CO, CO2, combustion efficiency, and temperature
  • Combustion App allows users to quickly create custom reports with comments and send via email (available for Android & iOS)
  • Automatic sensor protection helps technicians protect the analyzer in harsh environments, extending sensor life
  • Ambient CO monitoring function allows technicians to check for dangerous CO levels
  • Quick and easy sensor replacement in the field reduces downtime and doesn’t require calibration gas.


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Bacharach InTech Combustion Analyzer
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