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Users have the option to save measured data in the unit as discreet tests, or stream it live via Bluetooth® communications to a PC or other smart hand-held device for compliance reporting. Reports are easily and quickly generated to satisfy compliance requirements. Interchangeable power options (rechargeable Li-Ion, ‘AA’ alkalines or line power) ensure the unit is always ready for use. Probes and hoses come in a variety of lengths and materials to satisfy a wide range of applications, including NOx, SO2 and other requirements. Automatic sensor protection not only guards the sensors from damage, but doubles their measurement range under high load conditions for increased flexibility.


*Note: The PCA® 400 calculates CO2 value based upon other measured values during the combustion process. It does not measure CO2 directly.

  • Versatile analyzer for many commercial and industrial applications with up to 4 gas sensors (O2, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2).
  • Optional active sample conditioner provides superior accuracy for low NOx and SOx applications.
  • Real-time PC software allows technicians to view and save live data for easy compliance reporting.
  • Combustion App allows users to remotely operate the analyzer and create custom reports with comments which can be sent via email (available for Android & iOS).
  • Long life O2 sensor with 5 year warranty reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Automatic dilution mode and sensor protection helps technicians protect the analyzer in harsh environments, extending sensor life.
  • Dual Bluetooth® and IrDA printer allows technicians to reproduce combustion and emissions reports in the field.
  • Quick and easy (replacement) B-Smart® Sensor replacement in the field reduces downtime and doesn’t require calibration gas.



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Bacharach PCA 400 Combustion and Emissions Analyzer
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