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The system can be installed on any type of fixed ladders onto structures such as chimneys, towers, masts or buildings. The essential element within the system is a guided type mechanism, installed on a steel cable of 8 mm in diameter, connected to a front attachment D-ring on full body harness. General elements within the system such as cable, guided type mechanism, cable connector, steel bolt clamps and tensioner are all made of stainless steel. System AC 360 meets requirements of Regulation of the European Parliament 2016/425. The system comprises vertical anchor line made of stainless steel cable of 8mm in diameter (ref. AC 850). Upper end of the anchor line is equipped with an energy absorber (ref. AC 361 / AC 362). Lower end of the anchor line is equipped with a tensioner (ref. AC 910). Upper and lower ends of the anchor line are mounted securely on a fixed structure by means of connector AZ 090. Vertical anchor line with length of up to 10m is equipped with line wire-guide (AC 922) to protect anchor line against vibrations caused by e.g. wind. Slide (AC 360) is user’s personal equipment installed on the anchor line if a fall protection system is to be used. The slide travels along the line up and down as with user’s normal mobility, and in the case of user’s fall it is locked on the line to arrest the fall.

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PROTEKT AC360 Vertical Life Line
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