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  • Elastomeric respirators are designed for repeated cleaning and decontamination resuting in dramatic cost savings over filtering facepiece respirators.
  • The included mechanical speaking diaphragm allows for improved communication among essential workers, patients and the public.
  • The Advantage 900 does not have an exhalation valve which allows for filtration of exhaled air, thereby providing a means of source control and use in a sterile field environment.
  • Reuse and cleaning capability make the Advantage 900 respirator a more eco-friendly alternative by removing single use disposable alternatives from the waste stream.
  • Overmolded MultiFlex nosecup provides stability and on the user’s face and while maintaining a secure fit.
  • Anthrocurve facepiece design maximizes fit and comfort and reduces potential leak points.



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MSA Advantage 900 Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator P/N 10218528
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