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  • Compact high security PREMIER LOCKOUT SAFETY PADLOCKS were designed on the basis of the feed back received from more than 2,000 users.
  • The nylon body is carved / designed with ribs for easy gripping and handling.
  • Supplied with an individual unique coded brass key and cylinder to differ 6-pin locking combinations.
  • The jack locking key mechanism does not allow the release of key, until the shackle is closed and the padlock is locked.
  • 6-pin precision-machined cylinder for extra security.
  • Re-enforced Nylon body and Nylon Shackle is non-conductive, non-sparking and ideal for their use on Electrical Panels.
  • Supplied with individually coded keys for optimum security.
  • Each padlock is supplied in a box with 1 key.


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SIC LOTO Nylon Shackle Padlock SIC-NSPL-KD-Red
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