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  • SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT SURVEYSGF320 inspections are up to nine-times faster than with traditional tools, and don’t require close contact with components.
  • SENSITIVE ENOUGH FOR SMALL LEAKSGF320 measures temperatures up to 350°C with ±1°C accuracy, allowing you to note temperature differentials and improve gas plume detection.
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, AND REVENUEReduce revenue loss while improving regulatory compliance and protecting the environment by finding and fixing leaks quickly.
Built to Your Standard

Built to Your Standard

FLIR is the name Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) professionals trust for optical gas imaging, thanks to our products’ reliability, technical standards, and ergonomics for all-day use in the field.



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FLIR GF320 Infrared Camera for Methane and VOC Detection
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