Purpose-built to deliver "big city fire department" performance at an affordable price, the EVOLUTION 5600 Thermal Imaging Camera is the budget-smart choice for high resolution and detailed image quality. Includes Heat Seeker and Quick Temp functions for best-in-class performance and superior image quality at all temperatures. Captures High Sense image quality up to 320°F (160° C) -- the range that matches the temperature range in 80% of structural fires. Backed by an industry-first two-year camera warranty.

·         Detailed images (with a focal plane array of 120 x 120, nominal 15,000 pixels) over a wide temperature range
·         High Sense image quality up to 320°F (160°C)
·         Heat Seeker delivers color images in both High Sense and Low Sense modes
·         3.5" display for increased multi-user viewing
·         Consistent operation with earlier models to simplify training
·         Two-year Camera Warranty-best in the industry

Water/Dust Ingress: International Standard CEI, IEC 529, IP 67 ClassificationDirect Flame/Heat Exposure: Simulated NFPA 1981 2002 Edition, NFPA 1982-1998Vibration: Edition MIL-STD-810E Category 1 Loose CargoRadio Frequency Interference:Transport CE/EN 50081-2:1992, EN 50082-2:1992, FCCRollover (Truck Charger): Part 15 Simulated NFPA 1901-12, 1.
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