The Sirius Multigas Detector integrates MSA's proprietary patent-pending PID sensor into a durable four-gas detector that's designed and built for safety and reliability across multiple applications and hazards. Fast response times let users constantly monitor for both VOCs and combustible, toxic, or oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

·         Reliable detection in a single easy to use and durable unit
·         Simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic, or oxygen-deficient atmospheres
·         Stable zero readings with fast response/clear times

·         USA Approvals
o    CSAus - 120725_CSA_1555308_2529521
·         Canadian Approvals
o    CSA - 140410_CSA_1555308_2708740
·         European Union
o    CE Declaration of Conformity - DoC_Sirius_100309
o    CE Declaration of Conformity - DoC_EC_Sirius_Multigas_Detector_Charger_090624
o    FTZU - FTZU05ATEX0003X
o    EXAM - BVS05ATEXE025X
o    Marine (DGUV) - 080610 DGUV 213.037
·         International
o    Brazil (InMetro) - 120505 IEE 12.0184X EX00 por
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