The ALTAIR QuickCheck Station uses several tests to make sure ALTAIR and ALTAIR Pro Detectors are fully ready for action. The station administers a bump test to make sure the detector responds to a specified concentration of gas. The station also uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure the detector's audible, visual and vibrating alarms are good to go. With easy-to-understand LEDs, the QuickCheck Station tells a user which test is being administered and whether the detector passed or failed.

·         Fast and easy bump tests
·         Checks visual, audible and vibrating alarms
·         LEDs for tests in progress and pass/fail status
·         Easy-to-see LEDs give simple-to-understand test results
·         Maintenance free
·         Total testing time less than 30 seconds
·         Station is available for all 3 ALTAIR Detector versions (CO, H2S & O2) and for ALTAIR PRO O2, H2S, CO, CO Fire and CO Steel, SO2, NO2, HCN, Cl2 and ClO2 detectors
·         Station comes in manual and automatic versions
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