Engineered to provide cost-efficient gas detection, the Ultima XL/XT Series Gas Monitors are simply an outstanding choice. The units boast a hand-held HART port running over 4-20mA output provides convenient setup, calibration and diagnostics. The interchangeable smart sensors eliminate the need for reconfiguration, while local calibration employs LEDS and push-buttons. Indoors or outdoors, some of these explosion-proof models feature infrared technology that eliminates the need for frequent calibrations. Some units operations are based on dual-wavelength, heated-optics technology, which compensates for temperature, humidity and aging effects. The monitors use only one circuit board for increased reliability, and they're easy to install with two-piece field-wiring connectors.

·         Indoor/outdoor monitors feature HART, which improves information and provides convenient set-up, calibration and diagnostics
·         Interchangeable smart sensors eliminate need for reconfiguration
·         MSA's patented sensor design allows sensor replacement without declassifying the hazardous area
·         Automatic calibration adjustments and date stamping
·         Stainless steel and polycarbonate models available


·         USA Approvals
o    FM - 120113_FM_3022220_3041736
·         Canadian Approvals
o    100914_FM_3027754C_100408
·         European Union
o    CE Declaration of Conformity - DoC_EC_ULTIMA XT_090624
o    CE Declaration of Conformity - DoC_EC_ULTIMA XL Control Unit_090624
o    FM - FM07ATEX0001X
o    FM - FM07ATEX0004X
o    FM - FM07ATEX0031X
o    FM - FM07ATEX0032X
·         International
o    Australia (IECEx scheme) - IECExFMG07.0006X_04_Annex
o    Australia (IECEx scheme) - IECExFMG07.0006X_08
o    Australia (IECEx scheme) - IECExFMG08.0003X_01
o    Brazil (inMetro) - 120521 IEE 12.0185X_EX00_por

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