Designed to detect gases indoors or outdoors, our PrimaX P Gas Transmitter measures oxygen and toxic and combustible gases. The flameproof transmitter is housed in a powder-coated aluminum enclosure that will protect it in extremely dangerous conditions. The unit also features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and three LED status indicators for up-to-the-second reporting. The transmitter attaches to an integral mounting plate for easy installation, and it can be easily calibrated using the built-in keypad. It uses a 4-20 mA output signal to transmit its data, and it can also be configured to use HART digital communication. With easily replaced plug-in sensors, the PrimaX P transmitter is suitable for laboratories, chemical plants, power plants and several other industry settings.

·         The indoor/outdoor PrimaX P Gas Transmitter detects toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gases
·         Worry-free transmission with a 4-20 mA output signal and optional HART digital communication
·         Plug-in sensors and easy installation and calibration make this transmitter virtually trouble-free
·         Large LCD screen provides information at a glance, while three LEDs give clear status indication

·         USA Approvals
o    CSA - 121002_CSA_2543277_2543277
o    UL - JTPD.E337201
·         Canadian Approvals
o    CSA - 121002_CSA_2543277_2543277
·         European Union
o    EXAM - BVS10ATEXE009x
o    TUV - 120330_TÜV_968EZ5300012
·         International
o    BVS (IECEx scheme) - IECExBVS10.0043X_02_20121114094324_142632
o    China (CMC) - 110811_CMC_05000199-6_chi
o    China (Ex) - 110120_Ex_CE111030_chi
o    China (CCCF) - 120730_CCCF_073124850155ROM_chi
o    Russia (Gost R) - 111227_GOST_05.B03804_rus
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