The FLIR GF335 is a high-sensitivity, low-noise, cooled infrared camera for applications requiring a
portable camera able to detect very subtle temperature differences. The high performance of the
camera makes it perfect for the detection of faint heat signatures as well as for non-destructive testing
and quality control applications.
 High performance:The FLIR GF335 features a cooled 3–5 µm InSb detector that produces razorsharp
thermal images. Its high sensitivity of <15 mK and high accuracy of ±1°C (±1.8°F) or 1%
allow the user to detect very subtle temperature differences with astounding clarity.
Improved efficiency:The wireless connectivity of the FLIR GF335 allows connection to smart
phones and tablets for the wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera—a useful
function if a second person is required to accompany the inspector . The camera also features builtin
radiometric video recording, and can store MPEG-4 thermal and/or standard video on an SD
card. The camera has an integrated GPS and a digital camera, and is compatible with FLIR Tools,
FLIR Reporter, and FLIR Researcher software.
Thought-through ergonomics for everyday use:The FLIR GF335 is ergonomically designed, with a
bright LCD and tiltable viewfinder, which facilitates its use over a full working day. A multi-angle
handle with integrated direct access buttons also improves the ergonomics. Click here to download Datasheet