Optical gas imaging of methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
The FLIR GF320 is an IR camera for optical gas imaging (OGI) that visualizes and pinpoints leaks of
VOCs, without the need to shut down the operation. The portable camera also greatly improves
operator safety, by detecting emissions at a safe distance, and helps to protect the environment by
tracing leaks of environmentally harmful gases.
The GF320 is used in industrial settings such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, offshore
platforms, chemical/petrochemical industries, and biogas and power generation plants.
Detects the following gases:
Benzene,Ethanol, Ethylbenzene, Heptane, Hexane, Isoprene, Methanol, MEK, MIBK, Octane,
Pentane, 1-Pentene, Toluene,Xylene,Butane,Ethane, Methane, Propane,Ethylene,Propylene

Improved efficiency: The FLIR GF320 reduces revenue loss by pinpointing even small gas leaks
quickly and efficiently, and from a distance. It also reduces the inspection time by allowing a broad
area to be scanned rapidly and without the need to interrupt the industrial process. The wireless
connectivity of the camera allows you to connect to smart phones or tablet PCs for the wireless
transfer of images or remote control of the camera. The FLIR GF320 is also used for temperature
measurement, which makes it even more useful for predictive maintenance.
• Increased worker safety: OGI allows gas leaks to be detected in a non-contact mode and from a
safe distance. This reduces the risk of the inspector being exposed to invisible and potentially
harmful or explosive chemicals. With a GF320 gas imaging camera it is easy to scan areas of
interest that are difficult to reach with conventional methods. The camera is ergonomically
designed, with a bright LCD and tiltable viewfinder, which facilitates its use over a full working day.
• Protecting the environment: SeveralVOCs are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the
environment, and are usually governed by regulations. Even small leaks can be detected and
documented using the FLIR GF320 camera.
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