IR camera for furnace and high temperature inspection
The FLIR GF309 is an IR camera for the high-temperature measurement of industrial furnaces,
chemical heaters, and coal-fired boilers, without the need to shut down the operation. The portable
camera also greatly improves operator safety, by measuring through flames at a safe distance, for all
types of furnaces.A good knowledge of the furnace condition can avert failures and unscheduled
Industrial furnaces, heaters, and boilers are found in the chemical, petrochemical, and utility industries.

Improved efficiency: The FLIR GF309 reduces inspection time by measuring the temperature
through flames without the need to interrupt the industrial process or await scheduled service
shutdowns.A furnace camera can help you to determine how to run a furnace/boiler efficiently to
give the best fuel economy and maximize production output and quality. As the FLIR GF309 has a
wide temperature range, high-accuracy electrical and mechanical inspections can be performed,
which makes the camera even more useful for predictive maintenance.
• The wireless connectivity of the camera allows you to connect to smart phones or tablet PCs for the
wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera—a useful function if regulations
require a second person to accompany the furnace inspector or thermal images needs to be sent
quickly for a second opinion.
• Increased worker safety: High-temperature measurement can be performed through flames in a
non-contact mode, and from a safe distance. Custom-built, the FLIR GF309 also features a
detachable heat-shield designed to reflect heat away from the camera and the camera operator,
providing increased protection. The camera is ergonomically designed with a bright LCD and
tiltable viewfinder, which facilitates its use over a full working day.
• Increased furnace safety: Good knowledge of furnace/boiler condition and operating parameters
can provide the information needed to avert catastrophic failures and prevent unscheduled
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